March 28th, 2014


Adventures in Reading Reviews “The Sounds of Old Earth”

Recently in the wild I spotted this nice review of my Nebula-nominated story “The Sounds of Old Earth” from Adventures in Reading. They say:

“While the story details the last days of this old man on “Old Earth” and his interactions with his family and some of those who have not yet moved on, what the story really seems to be about is of understanding where we came from and of holding a sense of place in your heart.  That we, as humans, came from somewhere and that somewhere is important and belonging to a place is important.  It is sad and wistful, seen through the eyes of a sentimental old man who doesn’t want to leave his home and homeworld, even though it is taking all of his technological skill to keep the poisoned world from intruding onto this one small place of habitation.  It is beautiful, from that perspective, and sad.

And, it is wonderful… I think you should read it.”

It’s nice to know that the story has been received so well. You can read the full review here, but please note it does contain a few spoilers.



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